Monday, 11 April 2011

She's not just a pretty face

This lesson contains a warm-up activity to build vocabulary around the world of work, jobs and professions and a listening activity which would lead to extensive reading about the role of women in history. As a follow-up activity, it suggests working with a song and asking your students to discuss further questions.

Step One: Warm-up
  • Show your SS the following pictures to see if they can name the job. Ask them what they think the job involves. Do a bit of open-class chatting about the positive and negative aspects of the jobs.
(This collection of pictures belongs to #eltpics gallery. If you want to know more about it, check out this blog entry)
Step Two: Nobel Prize Winners Quiz
  • Tell them they should watch carefully the set of photographs of famous Nobel Prize Winners for 5 seconds. (Credit for this idea goes to Mark Hancock who mentioned this activity during his workshop on "Motivation: the inside story" at VII Congreso EOI in Madrid)
  • Explain that they are going to listen to a lovely Voki talking about one of the people they've seen. Tell them to raise their hand as soon as they know who she is talking about.

    • Ask them if they know other women who won the Nobel Prize and if they know their specialty. Make sure this leads to a discussion about women's roles in history.
    • Put your SS in groups and ask them to find out more about at least two women in each category here. Get them to report back to the class.

    Step Three: Song "She's not just a pretty face"
    • Before listening ask your SS to predict the content of the song from the title
    • While listening to the song, SS fill in the blanks in the lyrics with names of jobs
    • After listening, SS must supply a job name for some lines from the song
    • Either in pairs or as a whole group, open the debate on gender discrimination in the world of work
Hope you enjoy the activity.


  1. Thank you for an interesting lesson, Eva. I will definitely try some of your ideas in class soon.

    1. Glad you liked it, Ayat. Hope it works well in your class and thanks to you for stopping by.