Saturday, 5 March 2011

Joining the edusphere...

The use of blogs has become popular in educational contexts.
There are many teacher related blogs on the internet where teachers can share information with one another. This can include specific content that they are working on in their classroom or lessons that they wish to share with other teachers. It is a tool for educators to share ideas with one another on what has worked with students and what has not. In this way the blog often acts as a support system for teachers where they can access ideas, tools, and gain support from other professionals in their field.
Teachers also use blogs as a way to communicate and enhance study outside the classroom environment, posting important information such as homework, important dates, missed lessons, projects, discussion boards, and other useful classroom information that is accessible by all. (retrieved from Wikipedia, Edublog (last visited Mar. 5, 2011). "For further information..."

This new blog is born with this double purpose: on one hand, as the place to share materials, lessons and experiences in the classroom with other English language teachers and on the other hand, as the virtual extension to the classroom itself for my students. Hope you all find it useful.

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